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Winter and Spring, 2015

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Hold a book of poetry by Katibi of Nishapur in your hands and you might guess where it originated. The design of the page resembles the intricacies of a Middle Eastern carpet. A fluid, stylized script floats delicately on paper in ink, gold leaf and blue lapis lazuli. The date is 1605. The place is Persia.

Contrast that small, personal book to one by William Morris. It’s a large hand set printed book in heavy black font resembling Gothic lettering. Dated 1896 by Kelmscott Press, only 425 copies were printed. Fewer have survived.

These beauties are among the thousands in the Special Collections room at the University of Colorado’s Norlin Library. It’s a museum for books—from the collection of late 18th century British women poets to the prints of 20th century American landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

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